Published on May 29, 2012.

It's Time to Record a New Album

We will enter the studio the 1st of June to start recording our 4th (yet untitled) full-lenght album. We will be using two different studios to make this album. Empire Studio in Östersund / Sweden and Garageland Studios in Umeå / Sweden. Ronnie Björnström from Garageland Studios will be engineering, mixing and mastering the album and he will be working with us in both studios. We are totally confident that the production on this album will be by far, the best sounding Aeon album up-to-date. Besides the fact that Ronnie has done some excellent sounding albums in the past, he has also been our FoH soundtech for several shows, helping us out mixing pre-productions etc. In other words, he knows how Aeon want’s to sound and he possesses the skills to make it so.

More info and details will come later on.