Published on February 15, 2019.

Announcing New Drummer

As all of you know, a couple of years back our drummer Emil Wiksten left, and along with other critical happenings occurring simultaneously, it had us at a creative low.

As of lately, this has changed, and we are DEFINITELY getting closer to having something powerful to present to you. Joining forces with a truly killer drummer has sparked yet another level of determination, and we are going forward strong!

So, hereby, we have the pleasure of introducing Timo Häkkinen as the newest member of AEON.

Timo playing his drums, half buried in a sea of cymbals

Aeon embodies the very essence of death metal: killer riffs, brutal vocals, intense drumming and no nonsense. This is exactly why they’re my favourite death metal band and I couldn’t be happier to join! They’ve always had the best drummers in the genre, and I’m proud to both follow the path set by Arttu, Nils and Emil, but to also show what I can bring to the table!

—Timo Häkkinen