Published on October 10, 2007.

Aeon Seeks for a New Drummer

The whole process of completing the writing of “Rise to Dominate”, as long with the booking of studio, the recording and the production of it was all planned by Aeon and by Metal Blade to work out with their 25th anniversary tour in the US. “Rise to Dominate” was released in the US on the 4th of September, and the tour began on the 6th of September. That would have been a killer start!!!

But after Nils joined Dark Funeral, and elected to go on their tour, and to cancel Aeon’s important spot on the bill of the anniversary tour with Cannibal Corpse among others, it looked to us and many others that he made a big statement how he was going to prioritize Aeon further on.

Anyway he did tell us after a few days that he could not live with the idea of having someone else playing the drums with Aeon (which had been the discussion over these days), and we thought it was true. He had a big idea how he would plan everything and how history would not repeat itself again with cancelled tours etc…

During this end of summer/beginning of autumn, we have gotten a lot of requests from promoters who want to book Aeon for gigs. Some of them interfered with Dark Funeral shows which we do not blame anyone for. Those were already booked. For some other shows that did not interfere with Dark Funeral shows, we have tried to contact Nils with several phonecalls and e-mails over the last weeks without result. No tries from him to get back or anything.

And so two weeks ago, we sent him an e-mail telling him that this is NOT how things should be working. Aeon is the main priority for the rest of us, and if he can not even get back and let us know if we can book a show, then it is useless for us to have him in the band. He makes Aeon look unprofessional in what we are doing. We will not be a side project, only to be picked up whenever there is nothing else going on at the moment. We told him that we cannot wait anymore, and that we will start looking for a new drummer. We asked him to confirm to us when he had read the mail, but after two weeks… still not one word!

If you think you have got what it takes to be the drummer of Aeon, please contact us at

Please send a link to a video or an mp3 of you playing drums, along with info about yourself such as age etc, and a photo.