Published on December 2, 2008.

Aeon Gets Endorsed by Schecter Guitars

We are really excited to announce that Aeon are now endorsed by Schecter Guitars. So from now on Daniel, Zeb and Max will exclusively be playing on Schecter guitars and basses.

As for the weapon of choice, Daniel has chosen to go with a Loomis-7 as his primary guitar and will be using his previous Schecter C-7 Hellraiser as backup. Zeb has chosen to go with C-7 Hellraiser’s and Max has chosen the Damien-5 bass.

We would like to thank Fitzpatrick and Hamm & Nilsson for sorting this out for us.

Here is what Daniel & Zeb has to say about this:

“Schecter Guitars pretty much has anything we could ask for! The instrument comes with a great design, they are perfectly setup directly from the factory and not the least, they sounds awesome and got great action. It’s safe to say that they’re probably the most price-worthy guitars and basses a metal musician could buy these days.

In our opinion, Schecter makes the best 7-string guitars available on the market with their great design and the active EMG’s 707, but still with advantageous prices.

Products that we really can stand for.”