Published on July 20, 2007.

Aeon Cancels Metal Blade Records' 25th Anniversary US Tour

We’re sorry to say that we have no other option but to cancel the Metal Blade 25th Anniversary US-tour in sept/oct. This is due to a decision by Nils to not go on the tour since it would conflict with upcoming Dark Funeral shows / tours and some personal family business.

We did try out a stand-in drummer to bring on the tour, but it was a too short notice for this guy. He is a great drummer but usually he plays metal in the vein of Judas Priest’s Painkiller-album and we could only have done the slower Aeon-songs, which did not feel 100% Aeon. We want to give the American fans exactly what they would expect from an Aeon-show.

We are very sorry and angry for this since the whole plan for the release of our upcoming album (already from the booking of studio) was for it to come out before the tour would start.

We would like to apologize to Metalblade for letting you down after all the work you guys put down on us and this tour, and not the least… to all of our US fans. Hopefully, we will come to tour the US later on.