Published on May 2, 2011.

About the Cancelled Show in Liverpool at the Masque 2011-04-21

We just want to clear out what happened with the show / cancellation in Liverpool / The Masque on the 21 April.

We arrived earlier that day at Heathrow airport in London where we were going to be picked up by the rest of the touring companies. However, the airline managed to leave ALL of our luggage (including all instruments) behind in Stockholm where we switched flights. After sorting shit out with the airline, it seemed that all of our stuff would arrive with the next plane from Stockholm about 4 hours later. The touring companies left for Liverpool without us, and we waited for our luggage that arrived as promised. We decided to rush from the airport with a large cab from Heathrow to Liverpool (A very expansive and long cab ride). We arrived to the venue about an half hour too late to be allowed to do the show. This sucked so bad, but there was nothing we could do other than watching the stage being cleared out and have a couple of beers.

We are really, really sorry for this, but as you see… we did absolutely everything we could to make it to this show.