Published on April 19, 2010.

A New Song from Path of Fire Now Available!

The release of our upcoming album “Path Of Fire” is closing in fast and it’s time to give you a brand new song to go crazy with. It’s the second track of the album and it’s entitled “Kill Them All”. It’s available for streaming at the official Aeon Myspace profile or our Reverbnation profile


Comments by guitarist / composer Zeb Nilsson:

“This is kind of funny, cause I actually dreamt that we were performing this song live and it sounded so cool that I had to start working on it the day after I had the dream. Of course all the details in it were not in my dream, but the whole concept and idea behind how it was gonna sound was all very realistic.

This is a very fast song and it is easy to catch I think. It has some really heavy parts too, and the leads on it ended up really cool too. I think this song will be a good first sample of this album!”

Path Of Fire is set for release May 21-24 in Europe and May 25 in the US via Metal Blade Records.