Published on January 28, 2008.

A Late January Update + One Upcoming Show

Since it has been awfully quiet in here for the last 3 months I thought it would be fair to inform you all about what’s going on in the Aeon camp. We have been working really hard on finding a temporary or permanent solution to our drummer situation. There are some interesting drummers out there that we have been talking to but we have not come to any conclusions just yet.

And speaking of drummers, we have straightened a few things out with Nils (former drummer) under the last month. He contacted us and wanted to sort a couple of things out regarding to his earlier behaviors. He is very aware of the damage he caused us and he is just sorry for how things turned out. I believe there were some personal / private issues involved that caused him to get all burned / stressed out and that eventually made him to act the way he did. We are still very disappointed in how things were handled by him, but since Nils is a very good friend of ours, we just can’t stay mad at him forever.

Nils has also stated that he really wants to continue to play drums for Aeon. But there are still some questions from our side that needs answers before we can even considering taking him back as our permanent drummer. After all… he is still the drummer in Dark Funeral which will probably continue to conflict with our future schedules etc. Before any decisions are made, we will have to think this thru properly.

But as a permanent drummer or not… right now we are actually blasting some tunes with Nils in the rehearsal-room and I must admit it feels awesome to do this again. And while we’re at it, we decided to do something extra for you all… or at least for the ones who lives close or are willing to travel. We will throw you a full headline show right here in Ă–stersund / Sweden the 9th of February with “Dimension 34” as opening act. How about that…? Do you dare to miss this?

Details about this event can be found here, at or check out the poster right here.

We will end this statement with a few words from Nils…

To have such a long break in communication was not something I intended. It was a result of some personal problems I was going through at the time which I explained to the guys. I have apologized and want very much to win back their trust. I’m really looking forward to this show, it’s gonna be great playing these songs live again!